Geophysical Survey

Geophysical survey is the systematic collection of geophysical data for spatial studies. Detection and analysis of the geophysical signals form the core of Geophysical signal processing. The magnetic and gravitational fields emanating from the Earth’s interior hold essential information concerning seismic activities and the internal structure. Hence, detection and analysis of the electric and Magnetic fields is very crucial. As the Electromagnetic and gravitational waves are multi-dimensional signals, all the 1-D transformation techniques can be extended for the analysis of these signals as well. Hence this article also discusses multi-dimensional signal processing techniques.

Our service consists of:

  • Geohazard Survey (2D/3D High-Resolution Survey) prior to field development and drilling phase
  • Geolistrik
  • Soil Resistivity
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Pipeline Route and Post-laid surveys
  • Magnetometer/UXO & Site surveys
  • Deepwater Site Surveys with AUV operations
  • Proven Search and Rescue Operations
  • Desktop Studies
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